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Position:About SIAS

Exhibition Profile:

The global industrial development has stepped into age 4.0 and present a rapid development. The number of China industrial market sales has accounted for 1/5 of the global total and become the world largest industrial intelligence and automation market. China’s “Made with wisdom” is meeting an unprecedented development opportunity; more than half enterprises are key industries that degrees of automation need to be perfect, it is rare opportunities for industrial automation enterprises, more and more industrial automation leading enterprises put emphasis on Chinese market.


Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta economic area focus on the automobile production, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, new energy, mould making, power distribution and generation, electronic information industry and other industrial automation user industry, it become the focus of automation enterprises. To promote and respond to market demand of China industrial intelligent system and automation process, “SIAS2018 China International Industrial Automation Show” will be hold on July 4-7,2018 in NECC(Shanghai) and make a perfectly explanation on the intelligence and innovation of industrial automation .  

Exhibition Name: 2018 Shanghai International Industrial Automation Show(SIAS 2017) 

Exhibition Date: July 4-7, 2018

Exhibition Location: National Exhibition and convention Center (Shanghai). Hall: 3H, NH, 4.1 .

Concurrent Exhibition: 2018 the 7th China International Robot Show

Size : 56,000 M2

Visitor: 80000



Production and Process Automation

Control system, PLC, SCADA/ Sensor and Actuator/Assemble and handling system/ linear positioning system/ Industrial Automation data acquisition and identify system/ Laser Technology/ Measurement system/Industrial image processing system/ Industrial dataphone/ Network and Fieldbus systems/ Embedded system/ Automated service/ Air grind technology and equipment


Industrial automation information technology and software

Plant integrated management software/ Industrial IT software/ Industrial basic system and development tool/ Plant production software/ industrial internet/ Plant local area network/ Plant outside LAN solution/Service


Electrical System

Servo motor and frequency converter/Transformer, Battery and uninterrupted power system/ Transmission, Mechanical drive system/Electric wire and electric cable accessory/ Electrical switching for Electrical control system and equipment/ Electrotechnics and photoelectric component/ Electric power test and testing equipment


Microsystem technology

Micro-sensors/ Micro-actuators/Microsystem component/ Module microsystem/ Micro-joining technology/ Microsystem design and modeling/ Micro-engineering/ Miniature-optic and fiber-optic/ Micro-assembly/ Micro-product development/ Ultramicrotechnique/ Other microsystem technology


Industry Robots

Five  highlights 

Authoritative host

China Machinery Industry Federation, China Robot Industry Alliance


Specialized buyer groups, large professional visitors

500 exhibitors covering Industrial automation field, the exhibition area is divided into several parts, including industrial automation, electrical system, robotics, Industrial automation information technology and software, microsystem technology, etc. Industry Association will provide exhibitor resource support and invite industrial buyers, the 5th China International Robot Show will be hold during the same period and it has nearly 80,000 visitors and professional buyers, the achievements will be shared.


Foremost summits and professional forums

Hold the foremost automation summits and professional forums during the same period.With the mode “Senior International meetings + the professional exhibition”, focus on the government, industry, enterprise and promote the development of the automation industry.


All-fields platform

Several exhibitions will be hold during the same time, CIROS2017 the 6th China International Robot Show and 2017 China International Intelligent Automobile Exhibition. Converge more than 500 user enterprises and automation enterprises; truly achieve the zero-distance interaction of industrial chain.


Medium publicity

200 cooperative media, including CCTV, Phoenix TV, Dragon TV, Shanghai Television, China Business Network, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, SINA, NetEase, Tencent, China Industry News, CA800, etc. will do the follow-up reports.


China International Summit of Robotics Industry

The Chinese government and overseas association leaders gathered together and analyze China’s development policies and global collaborative competition policies.


IFR-CRIA CEO Round Table

Well-known robotic enterprises CEOs gather together making IFR-CRIA CEO Round Table the most professional conference in the industry.


The 3rd  CIROS 2018 Golden Finger Award

Industry experts, business representatives and media representatives gathered together and witness the robot industry ceremony.


2018 3rd Robot Integrated Application Conference

CIROS Organizing committee builds a highly professional platform for integrators, upstream and downstream applications and end-user enterprises!


The 2nd Forum on Smart Manufacturing and MES in 2018

Well-known experts, end-user enterprises and famous enterprises talk about how MES intellectualize automation companies.


1.Standard booth: 15000/9M² (Note: 2 open sides booth will be charged for 5% more)

2.Indoor raw space: 1500/M² (Note: 5% more will be charged for every additional open side)

Notice: Each standard booth concludes 3 3Mx3M partition walls, carpeted flooring, fascia board, 1 table with 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a 220V plug, lighting fee, daily cleaning fee, and security fee, etc.
No furniture, lights, power or any service is provided for raw space. Management fee for raw space will be charged.



1.Please submit the space application form and confirm the participation intention.
2.After checking the submitted information, the organzier will allocate the space on a first-come-served basis then provide the paricipation contract.

3.Please submit the space application form to the organizer by fax or email.
4.Exhibitors should make payment according to the give schedule.
5.Exhibitors will receive a copy of the exhibitor manual.
6.Deadline for application:20 April 2018

For More information,please contact

The Organizing Committee of SIAS




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