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Position 1 - Marketing Assistant Intern

Job responsibilities:

1, the Chinese robot exhibition call and e-mail invitation to organize the relevant database and information;

2, learn and use their own software and promote the expansion of the audience;

3, good communication with the audience in a timely manner to convey information about the exhibition;

4, responsible for the relevant departments to do marketing work

5. Assist the organization and other matters assigned by superior


1, work seriously, positive attitude, good at thinking, self-motivated;

2, clear thinking, have good communication skills.

Position 2 - Marketing Specialist

Job responsibilities

1, the Ministry of Commerce involved in the business of the project, to assist the project manager to carry out the overall implementation of the work, including customer contact, material collection, on-site implementation and project summary, etc.;

2, participate in the exhibition and the implementation of the company's activities on site;

3, assist the boss to do the exhibition of the project related data collection, data entry, summary and statistics;

4, English official website information update; electronic journal content planning, data collection, editing and design of docking lines etc.;


1, clear thinking, have good communication skills and ability to sum up;

2, have a certain ability to carry out on-site activities;

3, work seriously, positive attitude, good at thinking, self-motivated.

Position 3 - Sales Specialist

Job responsibilities:

1, the development of new customer resources, accurately find the main person responsible for the establishment of follow-up contacts, the establishment of customer files;

2, open up the old customer business, maintain business relations, accurate according to customer needs to provide, maintain and update customer files;

3, responsible for the industry customers, through the telephone, network, e-mail, fax and other forms of market recommendations, guidance, planning;

4, collect and analyze market feedback, dynamic, and timely, timely feedback to the Department heads;

5, the responsibility and business have their own ideas, and actively participate in the reform of the responsibility to make recommendations for improvement;


1, with strong language expression, communication, guiding ability, clear mind, good at active thinking, to seek a breakthrough;

2, good psychological quality, have a certain pressure, the company has a sense of responsibility, dedication;

3, college degree or above, with exhibition experience is preferred;

4, proficiency in office automation software and hardware;

5, able to adapt to travel at home and abroad.